5 Rib Roofing & Cladding

Made from the highest quality metal in the industry, the 5 rib roofing and cladding is the top choice of many for both domestic and commercial applications. 

Its light, highly-durable, and modern-contemporary design make it suitable not just for roofing but for wall cladding, decorative panels and fencing. 

5 Rib Panels offers several advantages that make it popular among homeowners, contractors, and architects.

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Advantages of 5 Rib Roofing and Cladding

Regardless of whether your roofing project is a new install or a re-roof for commercial, agricultural or residential space, our 5 rib panels will meet your requirements and expectations.

new roof installation christchurch

Aesthetic design:

A 5 Rib panel is a popular roofing choice due to its long effective length that provides cost-efficient solutions. Each panel is precisely cut to eliminate additional work and speed up the building process.

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Highly durable:

5 Rib panel roofings and claddings are protected by a primer and a silicone-modified polyester coil coating system made to give superior durability and weather resistance.

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Energy Efficiency:

Each panel is made to have high insulation to save energy in winter and have a reflective qualities to save energy in summer.

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